UPDATE 25/03/2012
Finally got to throw some show photos up on the artbleat facebook page, Loved the show and the garden was a bonus.

Mike Ballard has his new solo show Stations of the Elevated opening at Arch 402 Gallery in East London. on Thursday 22nd. The Show runs to 13th April.
I'm looking forward to this.
Here is a little bit of Art Speak from the press release to whet your appetite:
"Ballard reminds us how popular imagery absorbs past eras' fantasies of the future, processing them into today's curiosities, junk, and endearingly mistaken conceptions of the world we now inhabit. In doing so he also reminds us that our own fantasies of the future are sure to be lacking in many crucial, unforeseeable aspects, complicating the way we locate ourselves temporally"
So there you go. I will offer up some photos on my return, or on Friday if the beer flows.

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Anonymous said...

saw this show last night,
never seen his stuff before, but was blown away by the huge lightbox collages