UPDATE 09/06
There are now loads of photos from both the Gallery and the studio parts of the show over on the artbleat facebook page HERE
This, if you are a fan, is really a show not to miss, the work is up to the standard you would expect but the studio visit is worth the admission price alone (it's free by the way)

The long awaited return of D*Face to these shores.
A show on two levels is promised across the gallery space and into D*Face's studio space adjacent.
The private view is tonight (6th June) but no point in trying to RSVP for this one.
The show goes from 7th June to the 23rd June when we shall see what he has in store for us.
Link to Stolen Space HERE

I pinched these from D*Face's Instagram stream, so if you look at them then you are legally bound to follow him HERE and while you are about it you could always follow the artbleat Instagram HERE which is almost just as exciting.

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