UPDATE 12/06
So after the waltz around the D*face show on Friday artbleat took a (long) bus ride over to the premises of Hang-Up Gallery in Stoke Newington, where they currently play host to the inaugural solo show from collage artist Joe Webb, having grown up with the album cover art of Winston Smith there is a soft spot for this particular medium.
Joe's 50's images that made up the main body of work were romantic as promised but tinged with a hint of menace in the stranger silhouette, well in my slightly active thought process anyway. 
The prints that were taken from these images were just as good as the real thing with the addition of diamond dust and sparkly stuff (technical term) But what delighted me more were the small selection of slightly comical and thought provoking images that may have been earlier work but stood up to the main body of the show admirably.
There are as always more photos on the artbleat facebook page HERE, and while you are there hit the like button please if you have not already, I will be eternally grateful.       
Joe Webb: Pulp Friction runs until 21 July

Joe Webb's show has an opening event tonight (Friday 7th) at Hang-Up.
Until I can get some words up, here is a link to more info.

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