Update 08/06/13
Here is just a handful of photos from the show. If you get the chance and need to exercise your smile then it's half an hour well spent.
No more photos on facebook this time as I'm not ready to loose my account.

Mr Bingo has an exhibition of his wonderful hate mail starting this Thursday (6th June) in Hoxton sq, London.
For those that have not come across Mr Bingo before, he provides a much needed service delivering insulting postcards for a small fee, all in the name of art.
The opening evening will give the first 60 people through the door the chance to get their very own abusive artwork sent to their door or that of their lover, mother or anyone else for that matter, all for the sum of £40 that is (nothings is free in this world friend)
You will no doubt also be able to pick up a copy of the Hate mail book on the night too, have a look at the video below for a preview.
The show runs from 6th -29th June at KK Outlet.
I will endeavour to photograph the rudest work on show and post it up as and when.
The event facebook page is HERE

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