UPDATE 12/10
There are a handful of opening night photos up on the artbleat Facebook page HERE.
London opening night was as busy as you would expect, a full house of Ryan's work was on show including a 17.5K smiley and some very tempting diamond dusted, double Han prints.
You kind of know what you are going to get if you go to a RYCA show, big bold colourful and loud iconic images screaming at you from the walls and that is exactly what you get with 8Forever.    


Ryan Callanan will be bringing some off the wall, loud and lairy contemporary Pop Art to both London and Brighton this week with dual shows at Lawrence Alkin gallery, and a day later at Ink-d on the south coast.
"The works in both spaces are inspired by the artist’s formative influences at age eight, and overflow with references from his childhood in the Eighties. Recurring throughout the work are images and actual examples of the toys collected by the artist at eight years old." 

PV for London is on Thursday 9th October and the show runs until 9th November.
PV for Brighton is on Friday 10th October and the show runs until 9th November.
Fingers crossed there will be opening night photos appearing on these pages soon.

Ryan's Facebook HERE
London Facebook event page HERE
Ryan's very out of date website HERE 

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