UPDATE 15/10
The Hang-Up stand is taking shape.
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So as we progress through October another year starts the wind up to Christmas which means Frieze week in the capital, which also means some of the better art fairs tugging firmly on the big boys coat tails.
The Truman Brewery is the place to be from the 16th of October if you want to find more of the up and coming and newly arrived art and destined for greatness artists. Moniker are already hosting the beautiful Faith47 show Aqua Regalia, which is open late on the 16th and 18th to capture the passing trade (see the post below)
Kinetica also deserves a mention as their mailout looks more exciting than a lot of the emails we get.

Moniker Art Fair itself is celebrating it's fifth birthday this year and is growing into a contender for event of the year in the contemporary/urban/more exciting art calendar, again the space is shared with The Other Art Fair which threw up a few pleasant surprises last year.
The intention this week is to give out a heads up on some of the must see stalls/stands that will be peddling their wares and then follow that up next week with lots of photos for those that cannot attend.

So without further ado we can jump straight onto the Hang-Up stand which is, and I quote, "All about Mark Powell"
Mark is praised across the land (no, really he is) for his skill with a Biro and frowned upon by collectors of vintage postcards and old historical documents, but we all know you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.

This year however Hang-Up are presenting a full installation they are calling Junkyard Games dedicated to Mark's brushwork. A return to how he first started creating art.
Mark has amassed a collection of old bits of wood, cardboard, 1920’s apple boxes, coffee sacks and road signs that he has worked on with oils to produce a collection of paintings that will present a completely new way of appreciating his skills and ideas.
Mark explains this new body of work and the use of text as well as images thus:

“The paintings are almost a story of a newspaper or a headline on my opinions of what society might be – about people and individuals…Its a multi-lingual type thing. Its just a different language, or a way of saying something…I always think in terms of painting, even when I am doing the biros.” 

The work on show is a prelude to the upcoming show Human Traffic at Hang-Up's Dalston HQ that will be kicking off on the 29th Nov and running until 17th Jan 2015. 

There is an interview with Mark that goes a bit deeper into this new body of work HERE on the Hang-Up blog pages.
You will be able to spot the Hang-Up stand straight away but if you need a map reference they are based at Stand 2.

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