We at artbleat like to pride ourselves, well I do, on our prowess of ligging  enjoying meaningful and thought provoking conversations with artists that we admire. So imagine our joy when we realised that one gallery in particular was showcasing two of those such artists at Moniker.
Horn of Plenty Gallery has managed to pull together new work by David Bray and Ben Slow which they will be showing alongside two new paintings by the extraordinary Eelus.

Horn will be the new boys on the block this year, they were just a twinkle in the art world's eye this time last year.
This is what they said when poked with the artbleat stick
"We launched Horn Of Plenty in May 2014, so it's still really early days for us. We're just collectors that are passionate and wanted to get even closer to the art we love. Being a gallerist seemed like an obvious choice, and wanting to know and present more about the art was an even easier choice to make when deciding how we differentiate ourselves"

Eelus will also be whipping out his perfectly cut stencils and painting some walls outside Moniker in the courtyard at the Truman Brewery on Friday and Saturday from 1pm, as will Ben Slow who is collaborating with Carl Cashman.
At the moment Horn are on-line only but have plans to extend into shows, both group and solo for 2015. At Moniker they will also be featuring the incredible work of Best Ever and be armed to the teeth with some very limited prints by Bohdon Burenko and David Bray amongst others. You can find them hanging out at Stand 16.



BEST EVER (Detail)

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